Who is Hireo Made in Italy

Hireo Made in Italy is a project by Punto Zero International which aims to improve the commercial exchange between Italy and China . We are an agency of advice, commerce and international brokerage which steps are the strategy, the action and the follow up . Hireo made in Italy offers expertise and markets to all those companies who produces the Made In Italy and who wish to export in China  _dsc2894jpg

Hireo Mission

In a market like China where traceability and originality of a product are the base of knowledge to help business grow up, the goal proposed by Hireo Made in Italy  is to let them know culture, the traditions and the origin of the products. We represent several Italian companies that are proud of their high quality Made in Italy production.

Why choose Hireo 

Hireo Made in Italy distinctive features are :

  • Heal the relationship between customers and suppliers
  • Organizing trade shows and industry events
  • Logistics Door to Door
  • quality control
  • Ensuring payments and receipts
  • E.-commerce platform in China https://hireomadeinitaly.cn